Saturday, March 26, 2011

JVC GY-HD200U "The Smaller Expert HD Camcorder"

The JVC GY-HD200U and also the 250U are shoulder style camcorders that looks just like massive professional broadcast cameras, only a bit smaller, which makes them the ideal treatment for record Electronic News Gathering (ENG) or reality shows and appearance like you are saved to a huge budget!

When i first utilised the JVC GY-HD200U when taking care of a reality show in 2008 and i also was amazed when I saw the footage on my HDTV set, the picture was flawless with rich colors and a extremely superior depth of field to get a HDV camcorder. Because the camcorder is indeed lengthy with most of the weight within the back and front being distributed across it makes for a very comfortable shooting expertise, so its a really nicely thought-out design.

The JVC HD200U/250U Builds on the success of the prior JVC GY-HD110U and adds a super encoder capable of 1080i 60P output. Both camcorders records HDV in 1280 x 720 (720P) and comes with a massive 16x Fujinon Lens, and a high-res 16:9 LCD viewfinder. The 1/3-inch bayonet mount makes this camcorder capable of adding other 3rd party lenses from Fujinon, Canon and so on.

The JVC GY-HD200U is practically the same camcorder as the JVC GY-HD250U, but the latter may be transformed into a studio camera when you add a KA-HD250 Studio Kit. The 250U also adds genlock capabilities, time code sync, and HD-SDI output. Both camcorders can record both in NTSC or PAL formats at several interlaced and progressive frame rates which makes this camera very compatible for all sorts of productions as well as for traveling.

The JVC GY-HD250U and 200U records high-definition video on common MiniDV cassettes, however with the optional DR-HD100U Direct-to-Edit recorder, a hard disk workflow can be achieved, while simultaneously producing back-up material on digital tape.

The JVC GY-HD200U is great skilled camcorder and one of my favorite features. Due to its ergonomic design and interchangeable lens capacity it has become extremely well-known in reality tv productions, documentaries reducing budget ENG news crews.

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