Sunday, March 13, 2011

JVC Picsio - The Flip Killer

JVC Picsio - The Flip Killer

The JVC Picsio may be the latest pocket camcorder to penetrate the market and has out-shined the competition by way of a mile. Not only does it surpass the features of the well-liked Flip camcorder, however the high quality far surpasses the Flip too. With the winter holiday coming up, the JVC Picsio is sure to be a hot seller.


The JVC Picsio is about the size of the Flip, meaning it's the size your typical touchscreen cell phone. Pretty tiny as far as camcorders are concerned. These aren't referred to as pocket camcorders for no reason. The Picsio can easily fit in your front or rear pocket. Perfect for taking with a child's soccer or baseball game, or simply for fooling around with buddies. The ease of use makes it a fantastic accessory to take with you everywhere.

High quality

As far as pocket camcorders are worried, the Picsio may be the initially pocket camcorder to provide 1080p HD high quality video recording. It's got the solution to change the good quality of video you shoot so as to take less space on the flash drive. But for the highest high quality entirely on a pocket camcorder, 1080p was unheard-of so far.

As far as nonetheless photographs, the Picsio presents 8 MegaPixel digital image high quality, making certain any photos you're taking will likely be of the high quality and will not be outdated within a few years. Even some standalone cameras nonetheless don't offer 8 MegaPixel image quality. The photos are really clear and detailed also. You would be challenged to tell the main difference among photographs taken using the Picsio and a standalone digital camera.


The JVC Picsio GC-FM1 presents both USB and mini HDMI outputs, this means your video whilst still being images may be output to either your Pc or your HD television for viewing. Video is recorded in .MOV format, this means it can be directly uploaded in your favorite video sharing web page like YouTube. The .MOV format also make the video files to allow them to be ported up to an iPhone or video iPod.

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