Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kodak Zi8 Vs Flip Mino - Pocket Video camera Smackdown

Kodak Zi8 Vs Flip Mino - Pocket Video camera Smackdown

The concept of digital camcorders is speeding along at the very same pace as the laptop or computer business, gathering more and more amazing characteristics in ever smaller packages. Take for instance the new pocket video cameras which have been developed lately. Now, it can be primarily a competition between just two items: the newest Kodak Zi8 and the Flip Mino camcorders.

Both goods happen to be carefully made to capture the growing market of simple to use and extremely portable camcorders with built-in capabilities which make sharing the videos using the pc and loading them as much as the well-known social network websites really straightforward. Let's do a speedy digital video camera review of these two items.

Flip and Kodak are both justifiably proud of their respective product lines, and make it easy to find a lot of facts on the internet. Of course, among the most important functions to many people are the cost, and you'll find that they at a similar cost point, $179.99. So far a tie.

One crucial difference between these two would be that the Kodak Zi8, like most digital video cameras, has an incredibly little bit of internal memory (only 128 MB). The Flip features a very much larger capacity of 2 GB, 16 times as much. Score 1 for the Flip.

Nonetheless, and also this is enormous, both literally and figuratively, the Kodak depends on the use of SD/SDHC memory cards to expand it is storage capabilities. The Flip Mino leaves you no room for expansion. The Kodak digital video camera are equipped for up to a 32 GB card for those who desire to go all out. What does that mean? Up to 10 HOURS of video recording! Score a big plus for Kodak.

One of the things that is certainly related involving the two is that they both share a very handy integrated USB swing-out arm, so that you don't need to have camera distinct USB cables. You can just swing out the arm and plug it directly into your computer and begin sharing. Down with cable clutter! A tie.

Both come with video and picture editing software, but just the Zi8 has HD capable video recording, and a HDMI output around the camera itself to hook it up directly to your HDTV for instant viewing. A Kodak win.

But from this level on, it isn't a good deal of competition. The Flip Mino, as well as it's your government the MinoHD (which costs significantly more) can't hold a candle for the value as well as the quality of the Kodak Zi8. For the same price, you have a vastly larger viewscreen, built in image stablization, real 1080 pixel HD video, and also the security that accompany the Kodak brand.

End result: the race between these two models isn't remotely close nowadays -- the Zi8 pocket digital video camera is superior. Of course, don't expect Flip to sit down idle.

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